With technology or not, our fight is always with ourself

Society may have become smarter in technology and science, but the question always remain the fight to win over one`s shortcomings. Today we have a huge variety of electronic devices ranging in a multitude. One household or one single person may have a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop/desktop, and flat tv. These 4 devices define the element of modernity of an individual nowadays. Question is: why do we need all these devices? Without discussing the negative effects thye may cause for the health of the person, we shall think about the real necessity of these gadgets.

People do not need social networks like Facebook to meet or talk with a real friend. If you really have a friend, you want to meet him/her and not just pretend to communicate with them through social networks/media. The way I see it, it is that the advancements of information technology occurs parallel with the destruction of cultural norms, of cultural traditions. Many advancements of information technology are very much needed indeed, but it should be in excessive way. Too much of technology will define our behaviours, therefore will define ourselves and create new selves, which will be distorted and away from the very original natural order of things.

The dangers of an excessive technology, in my view, are the following:
– Stimulating humans for their passivity
– Making humans to think that natural activities of life can be done lot easier in a split of a click by using a computer
– Causes physical passivity, which often causes sicknesses


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