Why new mobile app is needed to transform the advertising industry?

I like personally the new feature Instagram has added recently to display ads between your feed on the mobile app. At first I disliked it, as I was surprised to see it, without any pre-warning. But then, I noticed all kind of apps and tech services or companies were promoted. From an adversary of ads being present inside the content, this transformed me into a “not so much in disbelief” watcher.

I want to create an app that would be like Instagram, same look and feel, or at least close to it, but main idea is you scroll up and see your feed running through like a train. Instead of viewing content from your friends, pictures, videos with some text underneath, you get same pleasure of entertaining your eye/mind by looking at an image, same concept image + subtitle underneath, same way of playing with your phone. What do you do with your friends pictures and videos, nothing! You see them once and continue. It fades away, even if it is a most pretty picture, it doesn`t matter after a few days. Its purpose becomes one of an archive.

Instead, if this feed is replaced by relevant products, this may serve you well. In what sense? You get to see a new mobile app, it appeals your eye, you think may help you do something easier or as a brand new way. Or, you see a new service posted, or an improvement of an old service, and you decide to try it out. You get to learn a new process, a new way of doing an old habit. So, clearly there are benefits. The tricky part will be, in building this app, how to filter intelligently enough the feed, so the user can satisfy their intellect and not just run away indifferent.

All for the purpose of everybody! – motto of today – 🙂