Unable to start SQL Express on MSSMS on Windows

Sometimes on Windows 10 you are unable to start SQL EXPRESS. It just doesn`t work. 

What worked for me was to open the Sql Server Configuration Manager and start the SQL Server Launchpad (SQLEXPRESS). If that doesn`t work, check the SQL Server Browser and start it if stopped.

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How to increase the font size of the Object Explorer on MSSMS

Quickest way I found to increase the font size of the menu of the Object Explorer on Microsft SQL Server Management Studio:

  1. Click on TOOLS, then go to OPTIONS at the bottom.
  2. The key is to change the font type from Environment>Fonts and Colors, as if you don`t, it is set to default and it will not let you change the Size.
  3. Increase the font size, then click ok, no need to restart the app.

4. Voila! Font size of the Object Explorer`s menu increased.