Why you need a personal website rather than a Facebook profile?

The age of having a personalized Facebook page, or Twitter account, or any other social media profile is over. Wouldn`t it make more sense if you accomplished all that activity, whether posting selfies, or comments, collaboration with others, commenting on their blogs, photos and posts, all this on your own website?!


Photo credit to M. Koralewski


  • Only one login to remember: Rather than wasting time creating a new account on every social media website or app, and having to remember its username and password, you can have only one, for your website.
  • Keep your data private: Everything you post, photos, media, comments, posts, comments from your friends or users, stays in house. You are in control of it. It is not some strange owners and developers that leak data all the time or sell it to third party companies.
  • Control your personal info: They make money out of your personalized data, your birthday, email, preferences, your private photos, what you said, have done or places where you have been. Why should they be in control of all this, and what is most upsetting, they profit out of this. This should be illegal! Instead, you can accomplish all the social media appetite by creating your own website or blog, call it how you want. It is so easy! Use WordPress, or any other content management system(s) (CMS).
  • Stay more safe: Yes, Instagram is funny and very addicted. But, why should you upload all your life to their servers, while you can still post it online, on your own personal website, and can keep it under your own control. All you got to do is buy a domain which is about $11.99 or around that. Then buy a hosting package from GoDaddy or Bluehost or other dozen of companies online. Then build your new website with only a few clicks.


  • Sharing: it might be difficult to share comments and photos with your friends and users, but it is not as difficult as you might think. There are a dozen of plugins you could use to create a chat on your blog. WordPress, for example, has by default the option to allow your users to register on your website and leave comment on each of your posts.
  • Look and feel: if you don`t really know how to configure your website and maintain it, it could be a hassle to come up with a good look and feel, something that resembles Instagram or Facebook.
  • Searching for what others do: same as the point made above, if you are not tech savvy, this can be a negative point that may bring you down and renounce from using only your website.

Overall, everything balanced, I am tech savvy and I would totally replace all: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter for my website. There is so much fake content, Photoshoped and filtered selfies, that no one can tell what is true. That is the path I am trying to take slowly but steady.

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